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Update 3.6.2014: I tested the installed version on Windows 8.1 for the first time today, and realized you must use the 'Troubleshooting Wizard" and select "This program worked in a previous version of Windows" and I also selected "This program requires additional privileges to run.

Click 'Next' and on the next screen, select 'Windows 7' as the previous version.

Also, make sure your Service project has a Project Installer added to the project.

For instructions on how to add a project installer:

Service Installer was created because I hate command lines, and InstallUtil.exe may work, but I still can't figure out why Microsoft didn't spend a little time and create a GUI for it.

This is a very simple utility but it makes installing Windows Services very simple.

Instructions to run Service Installer:

(Installed Version)

Double click on the shortcut on your desktop for 'Service Installer'.

(Source Code)

Press Debug > Start Debugging or run the executable 'ServiceInstaller.exe' located in the 'bin' directory of the download.

To install a service

1. Enter the 'Service Name'

Example: 'My Service'

2. Enter the 'Display Name' (friendly name) of the service

Example: 'My Service Is Really Cool!'

3. Enter or browse for the path to the executable (.exe) for the service

Example: 'c:\Projects 2012\Services\My Service.exe'

After entering all of the required information click the 'Install Service' button.

You should see a message that your service was installed successfully.

To Uninstall a Service

1. Enter the name of the service

2. Click the 'Uninstall Service' button

Provided the service exists and the current Windows Users (you) has access to remove the service you should see a message box informing you the service uninstalled successfully.

This was actually a fairly simple app to build and my thanks go out to the unknown person who first created the code sample I found.

I tried to find the same code again to give the person credit but failed, but as with all developers we owe a debt of gratitude to those that have gone before us.

Someday I will separate the code into a library (.dll) so it can be used to programmatically install services, but for now you can always copy the code into your project if needed.

If you have any problems with the install or using Service Installer please email and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

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