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Would you pay $1 for this software? $5? 10?

I am trying to raise money to get my teeth fixed:

Service Installer is a very simple GUI that performs the same function as InstallUtil.exe.

I have never been a fan of command lines, and several times I had problems with long paths to install services using InstallUtil.exe so I created this program to make my life easier, and maybe someone else will find this useful.

When I get some free time (once upon a never) I will make a sample service. I was planning to make a sample before I published, but I have put off publishing for two weeks because I am busy with my day job, so I am publishing without a sample service.

More than likely if you are downloading this, you have a need to make the process of installing services easier, so you will have a service (or multiple services) to install.

If you have any problems with the installation setup or with using Service Installer please email


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